too many bees
An indoor art installation consisting of multiple backlit panels with collages of newspaper clippings. There are two panels, both with white backgrounds and black newspaper text. The larger one reads: "this article also referred incompletely to the initial protesters at the / Stonewall Inn. They were primarily gay men, not just gay men; there was / at least one lesbian involved. Correction: May 4 2016 / reporting from New York. / this article appears in print on May 4, 2016, on page A17 of the New York edition / eadline: Obama May Create Monument to Gay Rights Movement. Times Company / © 2016 The New York Times Company". The second smaller panel reads: "at least one lesbian / Stonewall Inn. / at least one lesbian / at least one lesbian involved. / at least one lesbian".

Brooklyn Museum. "Nobody Promised You Tomorrow: Art 50 Years After Stonewall" I did not have the presence of mind to note the name of the artist or artwork, so I'll have to return.