You hear a faint buzzing behind your head. A bumblebee circles you and alights on the arm of your chair. It looks like it just needs a little rest while it gathers the strength to take it through the rest of its bumbleday, but then so do you.

An unexpected gust of wind buffets the porch. tink tink Crisp leaves and acorn caps tumble across the screened-in windows before the wind dies down. The porch rattles in a familiar way while the bee waddles back and forth, safe from the wind. Good thing it found refuge when it did, and good that it found some company too.

A cloud darkens the sky, just for a moment, and by the time your eyes adjust the bee is already in the air, off to do more bumblethings.

It takes a winding route to the door, finding the crack it came in through, and as it leaves you feel something fall into place: a thing that was rattling loose in your head, or maybe a thought that worried you. You don't know what it is just yet, but it'll come to you in time, if you let it. For now, try to find the new chill on the breeze, and let it remind you of seasons.

An old friend springs to mind, and you think how nice it would be to share a meal or a day with them, and you start to daydream.