I've run out of ways to say I'm doing okay Which makes me wonder if I'm doing okay. (And it's all anyone asks these days— Maybe they've run out of things to ask.)

But at least, in the midst of *gestures broadly* I haven't run out of I love you I need you The sound of rain feels like your sigh against my belly Try to remember how we catch each other's eyes from across the room I can't live anymore without the things you helped to bring out in me I still think of you when I see dawn redwoods There's a kid out there who deserves your kindness, and your strength, and your resilience If I were sitting under that tree with you right now, I would be crying.

They say the death toll will reach 3,000 per day. 1 Until then I thank heaven for small mercies where I find them.

1 Dec 3, 2020, here we are.