Scene: NYC's East Village, 4th St and A

Two Insufferable Tech Bros discuss NYC real estate, noting how sick it is to get brand new appliances with your property, oh you mean the one near Broadway? sweet, when they happen across Homeless Persons 1 and 2 sleeping under a bus stop awning.

Tech Douche: Other cities might have the same, uh, homeless person per capita ratios as New York, but the distribution is different.

"per capita" :| FYI, homeless people, being people themselves, are the "capita" too. They are not a commodity that "real citizens" have, because they too are real citizens.

Tech Douche: In San-Fran they're not all over the place, they're in one spot: the Civic Center. So you don't have to see them everywhere.

Ugh. :/

Tech Bro: Why, are they giving away free stuff there?
Tech Douche: No, it's just an open space.
Tech Bro: That's why you can't have nice public things. They'll just shit all over it.

This is why we can't have nice industries.