It has to be this one night on the corner of 4th Street and 2nd Avenue; the one on your way to KGB Bar (or in my case, the Kraine).

These two kids—I say kids, but like they could have been twenty-somethings, what do I know—head down the sidewalk, one of them on a skateboard. And they bump right into this older fellow. A crotchety guy, in my memory at least, the type to say "kids these days" and "get off my lawn".

So they start to Exchange Words in a way that people who have only seen NYC on Law & Order probably expect New Yorkers to argue all the time.

I turn my head, and in the time it takes me to look back at the three of them, the two youngn's have the older guy by both arms. He's nervously balancing on their skateboard, and they're steadying him while they let him try it out, guiding him down the sidewalk. The older guy is laughing.

And then they catch their breaths and part ways.

I just think that's pretty cool.