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Gemini Server

The not-very-creatively-named gemini_server is a server for the Gemini Protocol, a minimalist reinterpretation of HTTP's bare essentials. Likewise, Gemini Server is a minimalist reinterpretation of the Sinatra web library for Ruby.

First, a confession: I don't really use Gemini. Heck, I don't serve any content over Gemini. Honestly it just burrowed into my brain one day, and I needed to exorcise it. You ever get one of those?

Yet here it is; maybe I should start making that Gemini site after all.

I attempted to make this library as ergonomic as possible while staying true to the simplicity of the Gemini protocol. The most advanced feature is very basic ERB templating.

I admit I went a little overboard making the server needlessly concurrent with the async-io gem. But sometimes overengineering is fun.