too many bees

A painting of a woman's face whose silhouette has been substituted for stars, as from a deep space telescope.

Jess Bees (also Bees, EsBe) is an artist, computer programmer, both web developer and, when needed, web saboteur. Don't worry, they don't write about any of that boring stuff. Moonlights as: bad painter, worse dancer, domestic goddess (think Eris, not Martha), okay not that bad of a dancer, sff fan. Digs: Baking 🍰, cute humans 👩🏻‍🏫, cute mushrooms 🍄, generative art 🖼, bees 🐝, /regular expressions/i, rainbows 🌈.

it goes without saying that the web was a more interesting place when it was just a collection of peoples' personal hypercard stacks.