too many bees
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Trapped in a Gay Computer

Utilizes an Asus Xtion Pro Live (basically an XBox Kinect) to mirror visitors' bodies in strobing color. Also called Glitch, for its accidental development.

A grayscale video frame that captures a lot of flickering noise around the edges of moving bodies, especially hair.

I tried making a toy visualization that "red shifted" people as they moved toward or away from the camera. Several wrong calculations and integer overflows later, I ended up with a flickering grayscale mess, pictured.

I eventually fixed the math errors, and discovered it wasn't nearly as fun as my glitched-out art, so I took my piece in that direction instead. All of my best art starts as a mistake.

I installed it on Governor's Island in the basement of Fort Jay, a cavernous pitch-black bunker perfect for projecting a light show. Glitch @ Figment NYC 2017