too many bees
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Trapped in a Gay Computer

Utilizes an Asus Xtion Pro Live (basically an XBox Kinect) to mirror visitors' bodies in strobing color. Also called Glitch, for its accidental development.

A grayscale video frame that captures a lot of flickering noise around the edges of moving bodies, especially hair.

I tried making a toy visualization that "red shifted" people as they moved toward or away from the camera. Several wrong calculations and integer overflows later, I ended up with a flickering grayscale mess, pictured.

I eventually fixed the math errors, and discovered it wasn't nearly as fun as my glitched-out art, so I took my piece in that direction instead. All of my best art starts as a mistake.

I installed it on Governor's Island in the basement of Fort Jay, a cavernous pitch-black bunker perfect for projecting a light show. Glitch @ Figment NYC 2017

A person sliding into view with their hands raised, surrounded by a halo of strobing color.
Hello Again!
A person morphing from a disjointed cloud of noise into a human figure, swaying to a beat.
A figure made of strobing color against a black background, spinning a hula hoop around their body, then flipping it off over their head.
Hoop Go Spinny
A figure in black and white snapping their fingers. As they do, colorful sparks begin expanding from their silhouette.
A figure in black and white, looking into the camera with colorful sparks flying off their silhouette. They slowly move closer to the camera, eventually starting to disappear entirely.
Falling In
Two figures visible only shimmering silhouettes, spinning each other around then leaning in for a kiss.
A Luminous Smooch