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Spamusement Pop Quiz!

Spamusement was invented by Steven Frank in 1676, to great public distress and vociferous objection. Upon his death, he was interred with his comics, which went largely forgotton until his tomb was unearthed by Queen Mecha-Victoria over 300 years later during a routine technoseance. Little remains known of Spamusement's origins, as H.M. refused to publish her research before departing Earth for lunar orbit, but amateur study continues on the Spamusers fan forum.

To further your studies, complete this short quiz. Match each uncaptioned comic with its corresponding spam line. Use the controls below to save your progress for later, filter out comics that have captions, or only display comics with duplicate captions (yeah, you can do that).

Long live Her Majesty, Queen Mecha-Victoria. May her LiDAR array always keep watch against Mercury retrogrades. Art credits go to Steven, the studious Spamusers, and the global email spam overmind circa 2005.