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  3. Yeah, I'm "gay"


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  6. Whose Space Is It, Anyway?
  7. Sometimes I think about the types of people who list the Oxford comma as a personality trait in their dating profiles, and like what's going on in your lives friends?

  8. Too Many Webrings!
  9. My Second (?) Favorite Encounter in New York City
  10. Tired: They don't love you like I love you

    Wired: The varied ways in which we love you strengthen your support network in your times of need

  11. Re: the Tumblr thing. So-called "adult content" is de facto unmonetizable by major media companies.

    As in every NSFW page costs them $$$ because advertisers refuse to pay to be shown next to content that "doesn't align with [their] brand's values."

    I'll never not blame for-profit social networks for putting money before their users, but you can't run a site like Tumblr's at their scale without revenue. And it was Dial Soap or some shit that decided that advertising next to a titty was too risky, but white nationalism is still on-brand. Why is nobody framing that in their edgy thinkpieces.

    Tangential: remember when Nike or whatever rolls out it's next Woke Ad Campaign, we still have to pay attention to what they pay to appear next to, and what they don't.

  12. The Favourite, but all of the earrings are vibrant '80s statement pieces.

  13. It's wild that for Certain People on dating sites, after tweaking your profile to select for the people who won't

    1. kill ya
    2. call the cops on your neighbors
    3. donate to a GoFundMe for Elon Musk

    you're left with absurdly high percent matches just as a baseline for tolerating being in the same room. So like, a 97% match, gosh isn't 🚩 that 🚩 kinda 🚩 low? 🚩

  14. Karaoke thoughts...

    • The indexed-by-title book is great 'cause the Weird Al songs are right next to the ones they're riffing.
    • Please don't sing Smells Like Teen Spirit.
    • Do sing Jolene
    • Do bring a harmonica (I didn't see this coming at all, but it worked out, huh)
  15. ↳ In reply to: The Cost of Living in Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet Empire

    The statement "I miss the human internet with an intensity that borders on homesickness" resonates with me enough to shake me apart.

  16. Short of siezing their domain names, there absolutely nothing in the world that a 3rd party can do to make the tech giants respect the privacy of their users.

    No matter what they're "forced" to do, they just... won't. And we won't know untill the next breach that proves it.

  17. Person: "The way you're eating that candy cane... well, everyone looks good sucking candy canes, so there's no wrong way to eat it... but it's really ~working~ for you."

    My brain, struggling to understand flirting: "wow, this person knows a whole lot about candy canes!"

  18. You ever think about your own mortality?

    Like, what if I just died tonight while my internet was down, and there were unfixed CSS errors on my site?

  19. "You have a really good voice pitch for cutting through a mumbling audience" is such a super niche compliment that only a trans fem person would think to say to another, and I'm wildly here for it, thank you.

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  21. Gluing the Web and WebAssembly Together
  22. Me invited to a facebook sponsored happy hour: FB is a literal force for evil in the world and I'll have no part in this.

    Also me: if FB is going to be a bad influence on my life anyway, it may as well start with being a bad influence on my liver.

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